We have come across a few counterfeit Perth Mint Gold Bars in the recent months. To help everyone out I have compiled some pictures to show the counterfeit next to real ones. These are very good copies.

Some of the differences we have found: (noted in pictures below)

1) Color of card is a darker green
2) S/N has slight difference in background color (noted below in more detail)
3) Trademark (R) on face is slightly raised
4) Thickness of fake bar is 5mm and good bar 3.75mm (these are approximate in package measurements)
I am sure other things may be different, but we have not found them.



This photo above shows two good bars (first bar is old green card, third bar is new black card), and one bad one (middle bar, a darker green in color)

This is the back side of the same three bars (above)

Close up of a back side of card  (good left, bad right) take note of color at serial number, good bar is printed on white back ground and bad one is printed on clear with white on a different layer and will cause a shadow in the right light.


Face of good bar (left) and bad bar (right) (Trademark CertiCard (R) is lightly raised on bad bar)
The bad bar (on right) is thicker to make the weight accurate


Genuine vs Counterfeit Perth Mint Gold Bars

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