Silver Eagle UPDATE

Without Any Prior Warning, last Friday the US Mint Advised Their AP’s That The Mint is Suspending Silver Eagle Sales, & No Further Coins Will Be Available Until 2017 Silver Eagles Are Released  at Some Point in January…

Silver Eagle premiums jumped .65/oz on the wholesale market Friday as news spread that the US Mint had informed it’s Authorized Purchasers (AP’s) No Further Silver Eagle Coins Will Be Available For Sale Until 2017.  

Benton Coins & Jewelry, LLC has ordered a large amount of American Silver Eagles to fill customer demand for the coins.  Due to the possible limitations in acquiring future shipments, it's unknown how long our supply will last.  Volatility in the spot price of silver as well as premiums can change the price throughout the day.  Please call 570-925-1055 to check availability and to lock in a price.  I will update the website with any information regarding this, just check back and click the UPDATE button. I appreciate your business.

Benton Coins & Jewelry, LLC