Interior Layouts

Maximum Security Door

  • Exclusive 5" thick Double-Step door
  • 3/8" multi plate door
  • Two full layers of door steel
  • Three layers of fire insulation
  • Internal ball-bearing hinges
  • Five-spoke handle with slip clutch


  • Two-inch thick composite walls
  • 10-gauge steel body
  • Up to three layers of fire insulation
  • Double-Steel Door Casement™
  • Dual fire seals


Standard - Optional

Benton Coins & Jewelry, LLC

Sizes and Dimensions

Exterior Color Selections


  • Plush velour interior
  • LED lighting with motion sensor
  • 120-volt outlet
  • Deluxe door organizer

Triumph Series Gun Safe

Until now maximum security has not been available in a safe of the Triumph's class. It's heavy 10-gauge steel body with a Double-Steel Door Casement™ provides a pry-resistant fortress. The Triumph's thick Double-Step™ door and precision cam-driven boltworks with 1-1/2"- diameter locking bolts provide maximum security. Double fire seals assist with a 1650° 90-minute fire rating –unsurpassed in its class. Add to this a velour interior. LED lighting, and a deluxe door organizer, and you complete the masterpiece.   

Triumph Series

Fire and Security Ratings

  • Phoenix Class IV fire protection
  • 1650° 90 minute rating
  • UL security rating
  • Lifetime warranty

Locking System

  • Sargent & Greenleaf ™ Group II dial lock
  • Champion's Auto-Relock™ System
  • Diamond-Embedded ArmorPlate™


  • Four-way active boltworks--no dead bolts
  • Up to 20, 1½" active bolts
  • Bolt-Detent™ system
  • Roughneck™ bolt guides
  • Cam-Lock™